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Captain Dave Sybert

Captain Dave Sybert is the owner of Vicarious Charters and has been running trips since 2016. Dave is a marine educator, SCUBA instructor, level 2 free diver and has been fishing since his early days on the Chesapeake Bay, California and on the Outer Banks for the last decade. Besides fishing and diving, Dave is an avid surfer and works as a marine educator. He enjoys passing along his love of all things water.

Quentin grew up on the water and is always either surfing, fishing, or spearfishing on the Outer Banks.  He started swimming out to wrecks near his house when he was 13 years old and has been addicted to spearfishing ever since.  He is a PFI level 2 free diver, USCG certified captain, and holds the IUSA spearfishing world record for a 16.8-pound sheepshead.

When he isn’t spearfishing, he is in the water surfing.  He has competed in surf contests from a young age and now travels all over the world competing professionally.  Some of the places he’s traveled to surf include Hawaii, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Panama, Barbados, and Mexico. 

Captain Quentin Turko

Our boat

Join us on our 26’ Glacier Bay catamaran. It’s powered by twin 200HP Suzuki engines. The boat has all the navigational electronics you’ll need, as well as a T-top to protect you from the sun, and a basic onboard toilet. There are also large fish boxes and dry storage for anything you want to bring along.

All of the fishing equipment will be ready for you on board, as well as a range of lures. Shorter trips are a great introduction to fishing, if you want to bring your kids along for the fun. The longer ones allow for wreck fishing in the deeper waters. If you’re feeling adventurous, snorkeling and spearfishing are possible with some planning in advance.

Just make sure to bring some food and drinks to keep you energized, especially on the longer trips. Pack sunscreen but make sure it’s lotion and not spray, as spray sunscreen stains the deck and is not allowed on board. As the charter name suggests, the captains have fun when you’re having fun, so get ready!

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